At moveOn 89 we care deeply about our clients’ mind & body health. Our goal is to continue learning in order to help our clients reach their goals. So we value feedback and relish it when clients get vocal about their moveOn 89 experience.  Read on…



” I started off with just wanting to ‘try’ Pilates twice a week and ended up loving it so much, I have increased my weekly frequency. It is the only strength and core training that I do.

The classes are small and this allows the teachers an opportunity to correct both technique and posture.

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Thank you to you (and Michal)- Pilates and HIIT are really keeping me sane at the moment. February is crazy for me…..but the classes are this lovely safe place and I always come out feeling like new. Thank you so much, you are a blessing



” I started Pilates with Dominic about 10 years ago as I wanted to strengthen my core and improve my posture whist avoiding a gym!
Pilates is the only exercise that I’ve stuck with over the years as I find it both gentle on my body as well as challenging and strengthening. It’s also the only exercise where my focus is entirely on what I’m doing at that present moment.

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It was so great meeting you. Thank you for everything! You are an amazing pilates trainer and human. All the best from cold Berlin
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” I had tried Pilates a couple of times in Paris. But I didn’t go in very convinced as I’m normally more about loud music, gym and sweating! But I quickly appreciated that I could get a workout while at the same time as getting to know my body better.

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Just to let you know that all those wierd & wonderful excercises you had me do today did SUCH a good job as walking home was MUCH easier and now am feeling fine🤗clever thing 😘😘😘

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“You are thee most inspirational teacher….  You are so professional and always give of yourself so much.”



” I started Pilates and Yoga because I wanted to feel like I did when I was a kid in the playground again 🙂I’ve been doing classes for almost 2 years now.

moveOn 89 Studio was recommended by a friend.

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Paula D

” Fantastic space! Love the feel and classes. Thank you, Dominic.”

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Alison S

“Really, I love Pilates and you  have inspired me to try so much harder and I really love the things I can do now- such life-changing stuff.”



“The best and the most fun approach to fitness and movement. After a lumbar discectomy, I have found Dom and her team’s approach to fitness to be the safest and most effective way to get me moving again!”

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“It’s like I cant remember what my life was like before I found your Pilates studio! Happiness is.”



“Just wanted to thank you to you, Tanya and Michal  – every single class ever done at moveOn89 has been super and always much appreciated!”