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The Meaning
of Yoga

By Jeannie Holmes

Sometimes the best way to define something is to journey back to the moments we’ve lived to remember thoughts and feelings.  Our graceful and gracious Yoga teacher, Jeannie, shares some of her captured moments over the last few months. This is what Yoga means to her…

A pose leads into a pose that then leads into another pose, and you realise that you all you need is to understand a single asana to understand a series.

However, as you journey to settle into that single pose, you also realise that there are innumerable subtleties and refinements and that it’s a constant, creative, evolving pursuit. 

You never just ‘arrive’. Much acceptance is needed to continue to steady and ease, especially for an inflexible student like me…..an inch deeper, hip wrapping a bit more, nipples to the sky, open shoulders, activate glute. Most importantly, settle into source and be in the singular.

Yoga offers a way to make subtle concepts relevant through experience; arriving at simply knowing. We all begin our search from our own limited point of understanding, and we all eventually, hopefully, experience the fullness of reality.

The Meaning of Yoga - Wall Exercise | moveOn 89 Pilates | Yoga | Wellness

Asana is a living, breathing, and creative, dynamic unfoldment. There are so many different ways to approach each pose; with each journey discovering new refinements. Within the spaciousness of self-practice embrace creative ways to find yourself ‘nearish’ there, in a version that gifts the benefits of the pose, and the adventure of journeying an inch closer.

Aligning, balancing, and steadily refining yourself along the way; always growing a great sense of humour acknowledging our challenging ‘humanness’.

Sometimes it takes a simple cue to settle more readily into a pose, or dear friends, to show the way so effortlessly to inspire ease and graceful daring.

Gratitude and praises should go to all the teachers that light up the path, making the journey more accessible, understandable, relatable, and possible. To be seamlessly guided into a pose, as if it had always been in our bones waiting to spring out and float. Helping to awaken our latent potential – and a whole lot of joy.

Steady does it. 

Always being one searching to unfurl, I’m finally acknowledging that the rooted, grounded foundation makes everything more comfortable and accessible. 

Yip, you just can’t skip past foundation. This practice is a continual journey of refinement; enjoying each new insight along the way.”

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